Single Rail for Colt M1911 Pistols - WOR4 TacRail Model C1M (Gen. 3)

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TacRail Single Rail Gen 3 for M1911 Pistols

TacRail Fitting Info

This is what everyone has been asking for from Gear 4 Ops: a Colt rail mount that doesn't require drilling your gun. Our 1911 rail mount will fit any full size Colt 1911 or 1911 clone that adheres to the original Colt specifications for trigger guard and dust cover.

This modular rail works with the optional top optic rail.

This is a Picatinny railing system for those that want to mount lower flashlights, lasers, or other devices under their M1911 style non-rail pistols. You choose your laser, light, and optics with care, so don't skimp on your mount. Make sure that the platform is as strong as both your pistol and light with the WOR4 TacRail.

Our 1911 rail mount has been tested and doesn't interfere with Crimson Trace Lasergrips.

Other rails on the market make you alter your gun, are made of plastic, are difficult to field strip, or all of the above. The WOR4 TacRail is built with rugged aluminum construction, includes mounting hardware, and attaches to your gun in under a minute with NO modifications! No other add-on pistol rail offers the same combination of durability, value, versatility, and ease of use as the WOR4 TacRail.

Featured in the August 2012 issue of Shooting Industry!

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